• All platforms and APIs
  • Ultimate performance
  • Custom development

We provide first class solutions to modern problems in areas such as: professional simulation, visualization, urban planning, digital twins, and VR/AR.

  • Using more than 20 years of experience in real-time 3D graphics, we created Tellusim Engine, which gives cutting-edge features and flexibility combined with simplicity and performance.
  • With Tellusim SDK, you can create projects for all platforms using your favorite programming language. We are here to support you with your projects.
  • GPU-driven pipeline and multi-GPU support make Tellusim Engine the perfect choice for simulation, digital twins, and massive data visualization.
  • Tellusim Engine can elevate your ongoing projects by providing modern graphical API support such as Vulkan, Direct3D12, and Metal with simple and powerful Tellusim API.
  • A low-level interface to all graphical and compute APIs is available if required. That dramatically simplifies the visualization of data generated by AI or Cuda.
  • Tellsuim SDK is friendly to all platforms, from high-end desktops with ray-tracing capabilities to low-power embedded devices that support the OpenGLES API only.