Tellusim Engine

Native CAD support

Ultimate performance

Custom development

We provide first class solutions to modern problems in areas such as: professional simulation, visualization, urban planning, digital twins, and VR/AR.

  • Scenegraph with 64-bit precision, animation blend trees, ray-intersection. Everything is GPU-accelerated.
  • Experience superior loading performance for a variety of 3D file formats. Includes native support of USD, glTF, FBX, DAE, and STEP.
  • Save gigabytes of memory with native CAD model support. Instantly load CAD files of any size with complete materials capability and no triangulation.
  • PBR materials library with 1500+ assets.
  • Enables physically based rendering for metallic and specular workflows. Offers flexibility for any use case with deferred, forward, and OIT render passes.
  • All rendering stages are GPU-accelerated, providing the ultimate rendering performance.
  • Materials can use unlimited numbers of textures and parameters without any additional overhead, even if every material in the scene is unique.
  • Textures can be stored directly into PNG, JPG or EXR compressed formats. They will be converted into BC6/BC7 on the GPU whenever the engine needs them.
  • All graphics and compute APIs (Vulkan, Direct3D12, Direct3D11, OpenGL, OpenGLES, Metal, Cuda, ROCm, WebGPU, WebGL).
  • All Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS).
  • Extensive library of compute shader algorithms (parallel sorting, parallel BVH generation, fast Fourier transformation, and more).
  • Explicit and implicit multi-GPU support for optimal performance.
  • High level graphics API access for all projects.