• Free for small teams
  • One code for all platforms
  • Incredible efficiency

Tellusim Core SDK is a complete solution for any custom graphics applications and games. It provides the same interface for all modern graphical APIs. That dramatically simplifies development and reduces production costs. The API abstraction level allows you to prototype and implement your ideas without creating an enormous number of initialization structures. You can choose the Platform, Graphics API, and Programming Language that fits your project. We can assist you in implementing your ideas or upgrading your existing software to an entirely new level.

Asset Formats Flexibility

  • Modern Mesh formats: USD, GLTF, FBX, DAE, FLT, STL, OBJ
  • Common Image formats: DDS, KTX, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, EXR, HDR
  • Data-interchange formats: XML, JSON
  • Built-in archives support: ZIP, TAR
  • Plugin extendable

Modern Graphics Features

  • User-friendly Ray Tracing for stunning visual effects
  • Mesh Shading for efficient mesh processing and culling
  • Tessellation for high detalization and compatibility
  • Bindless Textures for GPU-driven rendering
  • Multi-GPU abstraction for seamless multi-GPU support
  • Cuda and ROCm interop for simple integration and extension

User Interface

  • Canvas for low level UI and games
  • Widgets library for tools and editors
  • Resolution independent for any screens
  • Compatible with VR/XR applications
  • Plugin Extendable

GPU Algorithms

  • Prefix Scan and Radix/Bitonic Sortings for single and multiple arrays
  • Fast Fourier Transform with up to 3 channels for simulations and effects
  • BVH generation for collision and compute ray tracing
  • BC1-BC7 encoder for instant texture compression
  • JPEG decoder for swift images loading

Clay Shader Compiler

  • Single GLSL code for all platforms and API
  • Extremely fast compilation time
  • Cuda and Rocm kernels generation for HPC
  • Cross-platform Ray Tracing and Ray Query shaders generation
  • Cross-platform Mesh Shading support

All Platforms and Architectures

  • Simple customization and embedding options to other applications
  • Desktop Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, macOS
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS, UWP, Oculus Quest
  • Raspberry Pi or any 32/64-bit ARM platform
  • WebGPU and WebGL with Emscripten

Graphical and Compute APIs

  • Native low-level graphics API access for full customization
  • Direct3D12, Vulkan, Metal for advanced features and performance
  • Direct3D11, OpenGL, OpenGLES for legacy compatibility and embedded devices
  • WebGPU, WebGL for creating immersive graphics on the web
  • Cuda, ROCm for scientific and ML data visualization

Appropriate Language for Any Project

  • C++ for performance and flexibility
  • C# for simple project migration
  • Rust for safety and performance
  • Python for fast prototyping and ML

Content Processing

  • Mesh simplification and refinement for performance
  • Mesh tetrahedralization for physics simulations
  • Meshlet generation for Mesh Shading and Compute Rasterization
  • Hierarchical LOD generation for seamless transition
  • Image operations for processing and generation
  • High quality BC1-BC7, ASTC, and ETC2 encoders