• Flexible Licensing
  • Integration Services
  • Custom Development

Tellusim Engine is a cutting-edge tool that brings your ideas to life. The power and simplicity of Tellusim API allow you to implement any complex application with excellent quality and performance without using low-level graphical APIs. We are glad to assist you with your projects.

Our Services

  • Evaluation of your existing code base
  • Based on the evaluation:
    • Tellusim Engine integration
    • Extending and optimizing your projects
  • Custom implementation:
    • Rendering systems and visual effects
    • GPU-based physics simulations
    • Driver and hardware tests
  • Premium support and training

Licensing Options

  • Core SDK is free for education
  • Core SDK is free for companies with annual revenue < $200K
  • Any other licensing terms are negotiable

How can we help you?