• GPU-driven pipeline
  • Native CAD support
  • 64-bit precision

Tellusim Engine encompasses all functionalities of Core SDK and adds exclusive GPU-driven capabilities that are not achievable in any other technology. Native CAD models support that does not require triangulation allows instantly visualizing objects with almost zero memory footprint. GPU-driven scenegraph and animation system provides outstanding performance for scenes of any complexity. GPU-driven render can handle millions of dynamic objects with great performance. Multi-GPU systems can simultaneously render tens of viewports with zero CPU load.

Configurable PBR Render

  • Native multi-channel and multi-GPU rendering
  • Hardware and Compute Rasterization for best performance
  • Deferred, Forward and OIT rendering passes
  • Simple modification for any customization
  • Builtin efficient upscaler

Stunning Visuals

  • Ray Tracing, Shadow map, and Screen-Space Shadows
  • Ray Tracing and Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion
  • Ray Tracing and Screen-Space Reflections
  • Ordered-Independent Transparency
  • Unlimited number of lights
  • Unlimited number of decals

GPU-driven Scenegraph

  • Shader-based logic, spawning and scripting
  • GPU-accelerated transformation and animation
  • GPU-accelerated intersection and collisions for logic and physics
  • GPU-accelerated texture compression and decompression
  • Multi-threaded streaming

Native CAD support

  • Instant STEP files loading time
  • Procedural BREP objects generation
  • Fully dynamic hierarchies and geometries
  • No triangulation and zero memory overhead
  • Plugin extendable

Ready to Use Plugins

  • DLSS, XeSS, FSR2/3, MTLFX, and builtin upscalers for any platform
  • GPU-generated procedural objects, terrains, and planets
  • GeoSpatial XYZ tiles with whole Earth, Mars and Moon database
  • Multiview, Panorama, Stereo, and OpenXR renders
  • Web streaming for cloud-based solutions
  • PhysX, Jolt, Bullet, Box2D, and Softbody physics
  • MaterialX materials
  • Gaussian Splatting
  • CIGI client
  • 3D Tiles

Asset Pipeline

  • Swift loading of USD, GLTF, FBX files with GPU texture compression
  • Unlimited number of skinned mesh bones
  • Up to 6 morph targets for generic objects
  • Unlimited number of morph targets for custom objects
  • Dynamic C++ scripting
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Sketchfab integration
  • PolyHaven integration