Tellusim Engine SDK

A cross-platform GPU-driven engine empowered by plugins for any project. Encapsulates the Core SDK with the addition of a GPU-driven scenegraph and renderer.

Tellusim Core SDK

Robust platform, graphics, data, and language abstraction layer with simple and powerful API.

GravityMark GPU Benchmark

GravityMark is a comprehensive GPU stress/stability/efficiency test and API performance verification tool. The command line interface and variety of parameters and presets allow full test automation and customization for any GPU and API.

Upscaler Demo

Star Wars, Halloween, and Checkerboard scenes bundle. It can work in rasterization and ray tracing modes. NVIDIA DLSS 3.1, Intel XeSS 1.1, AMD FSR2.2, and Tellusim upscaler are compatible with all scenes. A magnification window helps to investigate quality on the pixel level.

Animation Demo

A massive crowd animation with hardware and compute rasterization. High-polygon mode renders 100M triangles per frame, while low-polygon mode renders only 3M triangles. It is possible to control the number of instances with the command line parameters.

Core SDK WebGPU and WebGL Samples

Tellusim Core SDK WebGPU samples demonstrating basic and advanced features such as Radix Sort and Fourier Transform. A WebGPU-compatible browser is required.

WebGPU Gaussian Splatting

Compute shader Gaussian Splatting rasterization for WebGPU.

WebGPU Shadertoy runtime

Runtime conversion of Shadertoy GLSL shaders to WebGPU WGSL shaders. A WebGPU-compatible browser is required.

WebGL Earth and Moon

WebGL Earth and Moon demo with correct astronomical positions. It includes simulations of significant celestial events, the Apolo 8 mission, and the twin Longjiang photograph of the moon's far side.

WebGL CAD Rendering

WebGL native CAD models rendering. Custom STEP files can be immediately loaded because the triangulation step is not required.