April 4, 2023

Tellusim Upscaler Demo

A single demo is better than many videos. Star Wars, Halloween, and Checkerboard scenes bundle is ready to download. It’s based on the latest Tellusim Engine build and can work in rasterization and ray tracing modes. NVIDIA DLSS 3.1, Intel XeSS 1.1, AMD FSR2.2, and Tellusim upscaler are compatible with all scenes. A magnification window helps to investigate quality on the pixel level. Intel XeSS allows only 130%, 150%, 170%, and 200% upscaling ratios, while all other upscalers can work in the 100-400 range. We removed the 600% upscaling mode due to its extremely slow response, but 400% is perfect for High DPI displays on mobile devices.

The demo can work in panorama, stereo, and multiview modes. This is a list of the demo hotkeys:

  • Space – Pause
  • W, A, S, D, Q, E – Navigation
  • 1-9 – Camera selection
  • C – Next camera
  • T – Show textures
  • M – Show magnifier
  • U – Tellusim upscaler
  • F12 – Take a screenshot
  • Alt+Enter – Fullscreen toggle

More detailed information about command line arguments is available in the archive:

Responsive image
Responsive image
Responsive image