October 28, 2022

Tellusim upscaler

Even if all upscaling libraries are supported, there are still platforms or configurations where upscaling is unavailable. Moreover, all upscaling libraries provide different quality and performance. So we created Tellusim upscaler that works on all platforms and APIs.

Here is the comparison between DLSS2, FSR2, and Tellusim upscaler on noise-less Halloween scene at different upscaling ratios from 200% to 600% running at fixed 60 FPS:

Updated videos from Upscale SDK comparison are available at 4K resolution (fully raytraced now). Specular reflection reprojection is much better with DLSS. But probably, a separate rendering of diffuse and specular components with different reprojections will work better.

Tellusim Engine is GPU driven and not capped by CPU performance, even on extremely complex scenes. That means that we can render low-resolution images with huge rate. That helps to eliminate all temporal artifacts that can appear with 400% and 600% upscaling modes.

The following models were used in the Halloween scene:

Happy Halloween!